Personalized, with full attention to your wishes


Natural materials

And a striking visual language

Together with you I will consult and shape your wishes into a suitable product

Every person is unique. There are many different possibilities for a tailor-made gift. I use natural materials and a striking visual language. With full attention to detail.

See below a number of options for customized gifts. Your materials and objects can be processed in the product.

Please contact us for the possibilities.

Price on request


Personal giftbox (new year, pregnancy)

Engraved object (award, birthday)

Handcrafted game (housewarming, engagement)

Object repaired with gold glue (divorce, loss)

Pearlfeather (awards ceremony, connection)

Object covered with gold leaf (anniversary, farewell)

Triptych (birth, memorial)

Unique photograph book (party, wedding)

Custom interior

Custom exterior

Also unique decoration

for a special atmosphere