Send a letter to your loved ones


Let people you care about know you think about them.

Who could use some extra appreciation during this time? Who would you like to know you are thinking of them?

Send a beautiful card to someone who is lonely. Or send yourself a letter as you would write it to a loved one. Such a gesture can be the bright spot of the day.

Write a personal text with your order and I will send it by post to the address you provide. Price includes shipping and a bag of organic tea.

Unique envelope with letter paper

Image from art book / art magazine with an accent in gold

It is a surprise what envelope it will be, I follow my intuition for this. You can indicate your preference for a particular subject, then I will do my best to find a suitable image.

Art card ‘Leaf you’

Photography by Laura Klinkenberg, 2015

A sheet of gold foil that fits exactly in the palm of the bearer’s hand. When the hand is laid down the gold foil gradually lets loose and leaves a shining print. Like the endless reverberant echo of the touch between two people – in pure gold.

Art card ‘untitled’

Photography by Laura Klinkenberg, 2015

In connection.