A full day, just for you

You are the most valuable piece of Jewelry

Let yourself be carried and taken care of

Balance yourself

From a deeply relaxed state of being, healing comes naturally

A day to fully enjoy

A day where you can let go of who you thought you were. A day to fall into a thousand pieces.

A day of being, healing. A day to be transformed, refreshed, reborn.

A day to speak out your deepest fears, shine light on those places inside of you which are most longing for it.

Inspiration · Visualization, dreaming big

Creation · Art, play

Healing · Reiki, singing bowls

Movement · Kundalini yoga, dance, walking in nature

Nourishment · Good food, long and deep breathing

Stillness · Meditation, connecting to your body and senses

Coaching · Personal rituals and mantras, improving habits

Relaxation · Release of tension

What would you like to receive deeply?

There are many possibilities to explore this day. I encourage you to be honest with yourself and tell me your deepest longings. My work is intuition-based and playful. I share everything that I have learned so far.

Most of all, the day comes naturally. I will tell you my wishes as well. We tune in to one another. We share a safe space, intimate and respectful.

One-to-one with me – Laura Klinkenberg – for 7 hours

Location: Ubbergen (close to Nijmegen, The Netherlands), contact me for the possibilities abroad

Personal gift voucher available

Price: €250

Let me fall into a thousand pieces

Let go of who you thought you were
  • "I feel refreshed and very much alive. Lots of feelings of excitement, joy, curiosity and peacefulness are growing within me."
    Lena Glücksman Nilsson
  • "Laura is one of the very few who embodies Kundalini Yoga so profoundly."  
    Lin Holmquist
  • ''I rediscovered that paradise can be felt in any moment, a deep joy to be alive. I felt complete acceptance to be myself.''  
    Robin Dirks