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Ritual Design creates unique gifts and tailor-made presents, both for others and for yourself. Through the act of giving and receiving, we can reinforce and deepen our relationships. Gifts by Ritual Design are tactile and meaningful, and aim to provide connection and joy.

Gifts for meaningful moments: Anniversary, birthday, pregnancy, farewell, relocation, connection, birth, memorial, party, housewarming, wedding, loss, new year, awards ceremony.

For individuals and companies

Ritual Design has won a design award for designing the Early Career Award for the KNAW (Royal Dutch Academy for Arts and Sciences).

Between 2019 and 2022, each year twelve talented young scientist who win the KNAW’s Early Career Award will receive Extended Jewellery, an art object designed and crafted by Ritual Design. These pieces consist of an artfully presented brass screw with a ‘twist’. A twist needed in both sciences and the arts to conceive new ideas which can also be considered a symbol for thinking that goes against the grain.


Tailor-made presents

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Japanese incense




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